FXR Racing has grown to become a heavy hitter in both the snowmobile and offroad gear worlds. It all started with a former MX rider who was tired of all of the dull looking gear available for riders.

Founder of FXR, Milt Reimer, got into cross country snowmobile racing and knew that he could develop a superior product that looked and performed better than what was available.

In ’96, Reimer created FXR Racing and wore it to his events. It wasn’t long before the rest of his competitors started to demand the exciting looking new gear. Since then, FXR has continually exploded in growth, offering more and more snowmobile apparel, snowmobile helmets and now offroad gear.

The form fitting, aggressive cut of FXR jackets and bibs have made them so popular among active riders.

FXR snowmobile apparel provides you with excellent mobility on your sled, allowing you to ride to your full potential.

The aggressive fit of the gear is matched by the eye-catching designs and graphics. It is the perfect blend of fashion and function.

The loud designs bring a higher energy level to the rider, so they are amped for the ride ahead. All of the gear is tested by pro riders to ensure that it can hold up to even the worst of beatings. And with top level riders on staff, every part of development is done by an actual rider.

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